Eunoia Cosmetics


Cruelty Free Beauty

All our products are proudly cruelty free. They are not tested on animals.

Vegan Beauty

Almost all our products are Vegan certified.
Only two of our velvet lipsticks (Nude Rose and Kiss) include beeswax and three Liquid Illuminators include lanolin wax.

Paraben Free

Our products do not contain parabens.
Scientific literature indicates that parabens can sensitise your skin, cause allergic reactions, elevate the cellular level damaged cause by UV exposure and may even cause skin cancer.

Gluten Free

All our products are proudly gluten free. We cater for clients that are concerned about gluten intolerance issues.

Non-Toxic Cosmetics

There are no toxic chemicals in any of our products. Our manufacturing plant adheres to FDA standards for non toxic ingredients in cosmetics.

For Sensitive Skin

Our products are safe to use on all skin types, because it do not contain harsh chemicals.

Phthalate Free

Our products does not contain phthalates. Scientific literature indicates that phthalates may be harmful for human skin.

Talc Free

Our liquid foundation, powder foundation and powder eye shadow do not contain talc.

Oil Free

Our liquid foundation does not contain oil and is suitable for all skin types.


All our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the USA.

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